Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our new mainstore now open!

Hi bloggers!
In the last few weeks, I have been working hard to make the new mainstore location a reality. It is now done and we are proud to announce that our mainstore is now open! Of course, I will still be offering furniture in the store, but I decided to get to get also into clothing and accessories. Soon, you will see our new products at the store.

The store is now located at Serendipity mall, we also offer some affordable rentals for the store owners that would like to add to their visibility to their mainstore. With a great number of hunts coming to the mall and 4 starting this week, it really worth to have a look! You can im Monroe Constantine, Boggzie Watler or CW Crystal if you have any questions regarding the rentals.

I am now working on a fashion runaway stage for the mall and as soon as I reach a certain number of rentals, I wanna make this opening official with a live show! Yes, it is a mall but we can also party, right ? During this occasion I promise tons of surprises :) I keep you updated on that.

Tons of great things are coming up in november so stay tuned

Monroe Constantine
Owner of Serendipity designs